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Tutorial su come utilizzare l'APP Meng dagli occhi grandi

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OCCHI Intelligent Purifier

I、Main interface: display current indoor air quality (PM2.5), current outdoor air quality, filter life, timing information, Bluetooth connection status, ambient light brightness, volume level.



Operation introduction:

1. Switch: Turn on/off the device.

2.Fan:Adjust the current wind speed gear and mode.

3.UV:Turn on/off sterilization function.

4.Color:Change the color of the ambient light.

5.Lights: Turn on/off all lights.

6. Child lock: Turn on/off the child lock function, and the device cannot be set locally after it is turned on (except for APP settings).


Lock:Child lock: open/close the child lock function, after opening the device can not be set locally (except APP settings).

7.brightness: adjust the brightness of the ambient light.

8.Volume: Adjust the Bluetooth volume level.


II. Timing interface: displays all current timing parameters.

Timing interface: Display all current timing parameters.


Operating Instructions:

1.Click the "+" in the upper right corner of the "Timer" interface to enter the "Add Timer" interface to set the "Start Time", "Shutdown Time" and "Repeat" parameters. Click "Save" in the upper right corner to save the current online timer settings after setting the parameters of "On Time", "Off Time" and "Repeat". (Multiple online timings can be added)

2.Timing switch in the "Timing" interface can turn on or off the timing function of the time period (open the default "on time" and "off time" timing)


III、Filter page: shows the current filter hours used and filter life.


Operating Instructions:

1.Reset the filter: reset the "current filter duration" and "filter life".

2.QR code: scan the code to purchase filter accessories.

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