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PELUCCHI Environmental Appliances

We are a team of professional engineers and designers

In the 13th century AD, Italian traveler Marco Polo came to China and promoted Sino-Italian trade cooperation;

In 1970, China and Italy formally established diplomatic relations, continuing a friendship that spanned hundreds of years;

In 1961 AD, Pelucchi was founded, starting a legend of following the elements of life...


Light, water, and air were once the blessings of nature, but pollution has made these elements of life an unbearable burden.
Pelucchi, based on the three health foundations of light, water and air, supplemented by intelligent systems, gathers global scientific research elites, cutting-edge research and development, and high-end positioning to provide one-stop indoor home environment solutions for all mankind, lighting up the "smart enjoyment" "Light life" and enjoy the new trend of science and technology!

Pelucchi Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, produces and operates intelligent and environmentally friendly electrical appliances.


PELUCCHI is a company that integrated R&D, production and operation of intelligent environmental appliances business. It is an Italian renowned brand in the field of smart home. Established in 1961, its high-end lighting products sell well in the world. The PELUCCHI brand follows the tradition of industrial design in Italy. The product is simple and modern stylish, focusing on the use experience. Adhering to the originality, determined to forge ahead , and strive to become a home environment health builder.

Stability test
30000 hours

Stability test

Brand history
57 years

Brand history

7500 +


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ltalian commercial lighting famous brand

Italian LED safety lighting standard participating company

Singapore lighting project cooperation brand

American Walmart LED supplier

European LED lighting standards participating company

Suning National Strategic Partner

Development Path


Guangdong Province Indoor Environmental Governance (Pelucchi) Engineering Technology Research Center Guangdong Province Specialized, Refined, and New Enterprise


Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise Recognized as Guangdong Province Doctoral Workstation


BAROCCO SMART Central VENTILATIONM German Red Dot Design Award Third Prize in Maker Guangdong Smart Home Appliance Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Jiangmen City Level 1 High Level Talent Unit Third Prize in Jiangmen District of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship CompetitionJiangmen Engineering Technology Research Center The PELUCCHI intelligent fresh air system and intelligent air purifier have been included COVID-19 prevention technology and product emergency project Jiangmen City Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise


“Jiangmen City Application for Outstanding Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Award for Returned Overseas Students” “National High tech Enterprise”

2018 Develop fresh air system and enter the Southeast Asian market

PELUCCHI Group entered the Chinese Mainland and established PELUCCHI Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd as a production base to research, develop, manufacture and operate smart environment home appliances business.

2017 Develop fresh air system and enter the Chinese market

PELUCCHI Group entered the Chinese Mainland and established PELUCCHI Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd as a production base to research, develop, manufacture and operate smart environment home appliances business.

2013 Asia Head Office Established

PELUCCHI Group established an Asia headquarters in Hong Kong in China—pelucchi Illuminazione CO., Limited

2018 Southeast Asia office Established

PELUCCHI Group established a company in Singapore-- pelucchi(S.E.A)Pte Ltd

2007 Established R&D Center

PELUCCHI Group began to focus on global environmental issues and estabilished PELUCCHI Environmental R&D Center in Milan.

2004 Enter Asia Pacific

Established an R&D center with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

1961 Gorgeous birth

Establishing a headquarters in Milan in Italy on June 11th, 1961. -- PELUCCHI S.R.L


Tsinghua University