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The latest version V1.0 Releases

Intelligent cloud platform APP

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The latest version V1.0 Releases



Release Notes

Pelucchi is a smart hardware application launched by Pelucchi Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. It can control the usage status of smart hardware at home anytime and anywhere, conveniently and quickly control smart hardware at home from a distance, and easily realize the management and interconnection of smart hardware. Interoperability creates a more advanced IoT life for you.


V1.0 mobile terminal upgrade instructions:


Updated text description:

1. The timing of the equipment control page, when the timing is not set, displays Timer is disable

2. The air quality levels are excellent, good, mild pollution, moderate pollution, severe pollution, and severe pollution respectively:

good, moderate , lightly polluted, moderately polluted, heavily polluted, severely polluted

3. The additional function in Chinese is changed to negative ion, English O2+

4. (Android English version) The 24-hour unit is less than half a bracket on the right side

5. The unit of electricity in statistics is kw/h

6. Linkage, the prompt text when there is no linkage is:

For example: You could set a pm2.5 threshhold value of ventilation system such as 200, if the value of pm2.5 is greater then 200 then the purifier would be opened.

7. Feedback Type: problem, use consulting, advice, others

8. Hardware License Agreement (Chinese and English)

9. Frequently Asked Questions (Chinese and English)


V1.5 mobile terminal upgrade instructions:

1. The picture verification code is displayed in a pop-up window

2. Instructions, open in the APP and jump directly to the web page of the mobile browser

3. Added registration and login of foreign mobile phone numbers Share with.

4. Change the sharing link copy 5. iOS adapts to

iPhone’s mall link




V1.4 mobile terminal upgrade instructions:

added and optimized functions:

1. Added product addition and device control of air purifiers KJ800F-A01, KJ500F-A03, KJ380F-A04

2. Added device linkage function

3. Supported English Version operation

4. Added a message prompt if the device has been bound by others when adding a device.

5. Modified the device sharing permissions so that the shared device can be shared with others.

6. Optimized the problem of inaccurate device geolocation. At the same time, the location information has been changed from the city level to the district and county level.

7. A prompt function for updating the filter has been added.

8. The curve of fresh air fan data and weekly/annual/monthly reports has added a function to display the value of the selected point.

9 , Added the function of device sharing messages pushed outside the APP

10. Added the function of device sharing messages SMS push

11. Added linkage recording function in the message center

12. The mall link was changed from Youzan Mall to Taobao Mall


V1.3 mobile terminal upgrade instructions:

added functions:

1. Added control of G2 model


V1.2 mobile terminal upgrade instructions:

Added functions:

1. Added the function of sharing the link of the bound device to everyone

2. Added a page to display the WeChat official account on the APP

Improved functions:

1. When prompted by a message, added A red dot prompts whether the new message is a sharing message or a notification message.

2. Optimize the UI page for submitting feedback.

3. Optimize the interaction when adding pictures on the submission feedback page

. 4. Migrate from the test public cloud to the PALOCHI private cloud.


V1.1 mobile terminal upgrade instructions:


The adapted MCU version number is changed to 01.042, and the default startup state is changed to external circulation, wind speed, and smart mode. The smart mode is added compared to the previous version. Added a hood filter data point, which only supports the 480 model.


New features:

1. Added a prompt that the existing binding can no longer be bound.

2. Added a reminder about the life of the iClaire-480 hood filter.

3. Added a recommended name for the new fan.


Improved functions:

1. Improved the main page, the function of turning the page to display reports and filter life

2. Optimized the filter life calculation algorithm

3. Improved the shortcomings of using GPS power consumption

4. Improved the curve database displayed on the report page Loading issues, optimization of various interfaces

5. Improved the issue of inaccurate location push of weather warnings