Count the five main functions of humidifiers

The role of a humidifier is to increase the humidity of the air

The dry environment makes people feel tight skin, dry mouth and tongue, cough and cold, and other special discomforts, air conditioning is widely used, resulting in skin tightness, dry mouth and tongue, cough and cold, and other air conditioning diseases, the use of air humidifiers can improve the air conditioning room or dry indoor environment in winter. Moist air keeps the skin vibrant, moisturizes the skin, stimulates blood circulation and facial cell metabolism, and relieves nervous tension and fatigue. Because within the suitable humidity range, the physiology and thinking of the human body are in good condition, work and rest have good effects, and healthy humidity can not only inhibit the reproduction and spread of germs, but also improve immunity.

The role of a humidifier is to purify the environment

In the atomization process, some humidifiers release a large number of negative oxygen ions, which can not only effectively increase indoor humidity and hydrate dry air, but also combine with smoke and dust floating in the air to precipitate, so as to effectively remove the smell of paint, mildew, smoke and odor, and make the air cooler. Combined with smoke and dust floating in the air to precipitate, it can effectively remove the smell of paint, mildew, smoke and odor, make the air fresher, and protect the health of you and your family.

The function of the humidifier: moisturize the skin, nourish the skin

Hot summer and unusually dry winter, leading to excessive water loss in human skin, accelerating the aging of life, humid air can maintain vitality, this product creates a foggy oxygen bar, moisturizes the skin, promotes blood circulation and facial cell metabolism, soothes nervous tension, eliminates fatigue, and makes you radiant.

The role of humidifiers: addition of adjuvants, aromatherapy

Plant essential oils or medicinal liquids are added to the water, which are emitted with the water mist, and the room is filled with fragrance, making the body more easily absorbed, and has the effect of healing and nourishing the mind, health physiotherapy, especially for skin allergies, insomnia, colds, coughs and asthma, It has excellent auxiliary effects and is the best substitute choice for traditional aromatherapy products. For example, adding vinegar to the water tank can prevent colds; Adding disinfectant to the tank can disinfect the room; Adding lavender essential oil can improve sleep quality; Adding peppermint essential oil or toilet water can effectively relieve nasal congestion in young children and more.

La funzione dell'umidificatore: arredi alla moda, belli e pratici

Forme da cartone animato carine e alla moda, nuvole fluttuanti come sogni, romantiche come il paese delle fate, abbastanza da far avere alle persone una straordinaria ispirazione creativa. Protezione automatica per la carenza d'acqua, il volume della nebbia può essere regolato arbitrariamente e l'umidità viene bilanciata automaticamente. L'esclusivo circuito silenzioso rende la tua macchina più a risparmio energetico, silenziosa, a risparmio energetico e rispettosa dell'ambiente. Nel mercato attuale, ci sono molti umidificatori con design innovativi e forme carine, che possono essere utilizzati come arredi interni alla moda, che non sono solo belli ma anche pratici.

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